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Korean & US News Media

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School Links

Korean Colleges & Uiversities
Korean K-12 (߰)

American Colleges & Universities
Colleges of Education (USA)

California State University, Monterey Bay
Defense Language Institute
Hartnell College
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey Peninsula College :
Naval Postgraduate School :
San Jose State University
University of California at Santa Cruz

U.S. Graduate School Rankings(U.S. News & World Report)
Ph.D. Program Rankings(National Research Council)
Educational Testing Services (SAT, TOEFL, GRE, & more)
The Petersons' Guide
The Princeton Review
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Korean Student Associations in US & Canada

Korean Studies & Culture

Korean Studies on Net:
Korea Insights (Bilingual Resources):
Department of Culture & Tourism, Republic of Korea (ȭ):
Korean Historical Connection (Bilingual Resources):
About Korea (Korea Embassy) :
Pictures on "Old" Korea (Ѹ ) :
Overseas Koreans Foundation (ܵ) :
Korean Government Forms ( ο) :
News in Picture (Ź ) :
New Korean Books:
Country Information (Korea, US, Japan, & any other countries!) :
1980 Kwangju Uprising :
Korean Folklore (ѱ δ) :
Korean Buddhist Temples :
Korean Genealogy Database:
Seoul Subway :
Weather Information (û) :
Korean Entertainers Database (The Sports Seoul):
Korean Stars' Homepages (Ourstar):
SBS Photo Gallery :
Korean Songs' Words (߰ ):
Korean Restaurant Guide:
The Kitchen Link (Recipes in English) :
Kimchi Museum :

Book Search

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Korean Scholars & Intellectuals

Great Essayist (ſ: ):
Monk & Arts (ڽ ):

Language Teaching Links

Hangul & its inventor King Sejong:
High-level Korean Lecture (MBC 츮 ) :
The Linguist List :
Foreign Language Teaching Resources :
Hanja (Chinese characters) Puzzle :
The English Server (Carnegie Mellon University) :
Familiar Quotations (Columbia University) :
10 English Words Every Week :
Reading English Newspapers (ڽŹ н) :
TESOL in Korea :
English Literature () :
Audiobooks :


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