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KP 150 Area Studies ??lt;/span>July 10, 2000

Instructor: Saekyun Lee



Essay Topic: North South Korea Summit



Read and compare at least two newspapers, one of which must be a foreign newspaper.?

Discuss in your paper any differences and similarities.



?lt;/span> Due: July?26 (Wed) to be graded for your official GPA

?(You can start working on it after July 21, Unit 7 test day)

?lt;/span> Format: 2-3 pages (Line spacing: 1.5 lines, font size: 12)

?lt;/span> Language: American English


?lt;/span> Special instructions: attach all the related rough drafts, printouts, newspapers, notes, memos, and

?everything you used for the essay.?No exception!





?lt;/span> Useful Resources online: ?(newspapers worldwide) ?(South Koreas language English newspaper) (South Koreas language English newspaper) (the most resourceful) (on North Korea. UKs favorite) (Hong Kongs English language paper) (Japans English language newspaper) ?(CIA World Factbook 1999) ?(links to many other Korean culture/area studies sites)