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ܱ μӹ 살리나스 공연 Korean Dance (June 9, 2001)

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μӹ Ŭ ־ϴ.
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԰ µ ƽԵ ī޶ Ƴ κ ϴ.
ٸ ̳ ڷᰡ ø ֽʽÿ. <̼>

KP0601 student Taylor, J. wrote:

Last night I attended the Korean dance presentation at Sherwood Hall in Salinas.
The program started about 19:30 and began with two gentlemen speaking about the program
and the dancers who were about to perform. I didnt understand anything they said
except yogi boseyo ( ) (look here).
Once the dancing started, they had my undivided attention. The dancers were beautiful.
They were dressed in very colorful gowns and danced both slowly and fast
depending on the music. It was interesting to see one dancer do a solo dance where she was
dressed in all white with one brown stripe. She danced with a scarf very slowly,
but precisely. The slowness and exactness of her steps made her dance very beautiful.
My favorite dance, however, was the fan dance. All of the girls had
extremely colorful folding fans that they would pop out in unison
making the stage light up with color.
They would also dance into different formations
whereby putting all of their fans together.
They made beautiful geometric shapes.
They made flowers, a snake, and what looked like waves.
This performance was very helpful for me in understanding Korean culture.
I enjoyed the experience immensely.